About Michele

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Painting is Her response to the timeless beauty that is observed within the natural world. Art and nature both rely on impulse allowing her work to be uninhibited and unfiltered reaching for what lies beneath the surface.

A central theme in her work is the interweaving of memory and imagination. Rather than rendering an actual moment in time she evokes the feeling of a memory And paints an image that is both timeless and placeless. Her intangible color fields and organic shapes are minimally bare with recognizable destinations. 

Inspired by the iconic multiform paintings of Rothko as well as the atmospheric landscapes of Turner, her preference for the fluctuating states of water and sky infuse her paintings with a feeling of tension and release. Her gestural brushwork is spontaneous rather than studied, appearing effortless as she builds up layers of paint. Her surfaces appear transparent, almost luminous. The lasting image created is atmospheric in nature without sacrificing the structural clarity and composition of the painting.

The themes are more remembered sensations rather than direct observations of nature. The Changing light makes for hard contrasts with soft transitions allowing the work to walk the edge of abstraction with a step back towards a more realistic representation. As her work unfolds she creates a timeless image out of memory and imagination capturing the beauty found in the natural world. The details may fade but the feelings linger...

She has shown her work for over two decades in museums and galleries.  Her paintings are often featured in the film and television industries as well as with interior designers and architects on special projects and commissioned works of art.